The Analytics Setup Guidebook by Holistics

What is this book about?

First credits should be sent to Holistics team. Have you ever wondered how to build a contemporary analytics stack that is useful, scalable, and easy to maintain? And have you looked into building such a stack, only to find yourself quickly drowning in a sea of jargon?

We know how that feels, because we’ve been there. The truth is that much knowledge of modern data analytics is locked up in the heads of busy practitioners. Very little of it is laid out in a self-contained format.

In this short book, we will give you a practical, high-level understanding of a modern analytics system. We will show you what the components of most modern data stacks are, and how best to put everything together.

This book is suitable for technical team members who are looking into setting up an analytics stack for their company for the very first time.

A whole analytics landscape in one book

High-level Overview of an Analytics Setup

  • What does a simple and modern analytics setup look like?
  • How can I deploy one quickly yet still scales with my company’s growth?

Centralizing Data

  • Consolidating data from different source systems
  • Why and when to choose a data warehouse?
  • ELT vs ETL: what’s the big deal?
  • Why ELT is better than ETL is the modern era

Data Modeling for Analytics

  • Data modeling concept, and why it is important
  • Kimball’s Dimensional Data Modeling
  • How has data modeling evolved in modern cloud era?

Using Data

  • Why the market of business intelligence tools is so confusing today?
  • What should I look at when evaluating business intelligence tools?
  • The arc of adoption: How your company’s BI culture will evolve over time

Ok, it’s reading time. Download the easy but effective guidebook here: 

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