Filum is a small but amazing tech startup that is building a business data platform that helps companies making data-driven business decisions. Interestingly, Customer Data Platform (CDP) is one of the built-in applications in the platform. Filum is headquartered in Silicon Valley with engineering and operations teams in Vietnam.

We are looking for a Product Manager to join our talented teams in Ho Chi Minh City. You will be one of the very first management members working with the team to build Filum’s platform from the ground up to handle a massive amount of data and turn them into insights to help businesses.  You will work with the modern tech stack and other cutting edge technology like Big Data and AI to build the coolest data platform ever for businesses.

What we are looking for

  • 3+ years of experience in software product management
  • Experience working as a product manager on a tech platform product
  • Experience working on products with an open community of contributors/collaborators
  • Experience creating product roadmaps from conception to launch, driving the product vision, defining go-to-market strategy, and leading design discussions
  • Ability to define metrics, generate basic dashboards (SQL), and design experimentation plans (e.g., A/B tests)
  • Familiar with Agile, Kanban (Backlog, Epic, Theme, User Story, Point, DoD, Burndown Chart, …)
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-performing, data-driven and dynamic team.
  • Familiar with one of cloud ecosystems (AWS, GCP, DO)
  • Deeply focused
  • Plus point if candidate has experience working in Big Data/Analytics product

Where we are going to build a platform product that is:

  • Connecting hundred of data sources and destinations
  • Robust, scalable, highly available, reliable, and secure backend systems with GCP and on-premise micro-services.
  • Serving from million to billion records of customer events.
  • An end-to-end data backbone for data-rich operation systems from clients.
  • Developing as many data applications as possible on our App Store
  • Big Data system with AI capability.

What you can expect

  • Silicon Valley-style work culture: move fast, break things, make mistakes, learn quick, and grow  
  • Extremely data-driven and process-driven in every company’s activity
  • Opportunity to learn and extend the roles within the engineering team whatever it is, like research, analytics, automated test, business development, product management, devops,… 
  • Competitive compensation package with generous stock option grants
  • Open, direct, collaborative, and no-politics working environment
  • Dealing with many challenging engineering problems to build, scale, and secure the data platform

To apply to this job, send your updated resume to (or if you know him already, give him a call 😉 )

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